Data Governance Solutions

Data Governance Solutions


Multiple data sources? Inconsistent standards and definitions? Inaccurate analytics and reports?  Business interruptions due to data? The fact is that regardless how big or small, every successful company has these issues. The reason is because successful companies change their business model to adapt to digital age, acquire new companies or brands , and migrate to new ERPs. All that creates data inconsistencies.

Having the right data governance model and master data management solution, can change the way data is viewed in an organization. We can help you with recommending processes, procedures and tools, to implement an end to end data governance solution.

A good governance model has the following components:

  1. 1. Data Strategy
  2. 2. Data Governance
  3. 3. Data Quality
  4. 4. Data Intelligence

Our consultants have experience in deploying solutions to large multinational companies. We helped them define data standards, implement workflow solutions, deploy active and passive quality tools, and helped them with harnessing business intelligence out of their clean, harmonized data.

Not all companies are ready for a large project, however, taking small, tactical steps will not only provide fast business ROI, but will also enable companies to avoid business interruptions. Sometimes, doing nothing for your data governance is more costly than deploying end to end governance solutions.


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