Project Management

Project Management

should be more than consulting & planning

Direct communication with our clients is what’s at the heart of our strategy. Our PMs will work closely with your managers to understand your goals and timelines. It will benefit subsequent plan(s) that we’ll be working on.

Most clients hire us as staff augmentation on large, global SAP or APO deployments or global M&A’s . But very often they find that our methodologies, our tool and our processes can be used independently on smaller projects. Our project planning process is quick, thorough, and very inclusive. We have developed proprietary tools that work well with agile or waterfall methodologies and can integrate with JIRA and HPALM.

As to project plan development, we will consult you and help you find the shortest critical path. We will cooperate closely with your team to develop your entire project plan. From Scope, to Objectives to WBS and activity list, our consultant will guide you through the process. Then we will provide you with effort and budget estimates, that can be easily traced at the activity level.

We never use a “template” project plan. Any project plan we’ve developed was individually crafted to meet each specific situation or niche. We will gladly go through multiple iterations for developing your project plan and estimates.

Our experience allows us to quickly detect weak points and fix them long before they create a business interruption. The consultants we provide become a part of your own team. Be sure that no matter how straightforward or multi-layered your business model is, we will figure it out. We’ll spend the time and effort necessary to make your project a major springboard towards your future success.


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